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TOPIC: Dreamless Sleep

Dreamless Sleep 2 years 10 months ago #3899

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It interesting most of you say you dream vividly, like your brain is storing all the data through out your days, and setting up for a night show to entertain you at night.

I've never thought about wanting to visualize a dream. I didn't even know that was until a I was asked by the school nurse when they I woke, from a nap because I had a fever that day. she asked, "Did you have a good Dream?"
No one ever asked that before, in Spanish its sueño. So Dream to me was a new thing. (I thought sueño meant thoughtful meditation then). To clarify, I think while I my body repairs. I am fully aware of my thoughts, so I wonder what life is about and many other things, well I use to. Now its mainly things just to keep me occupied. Sometimes I rethink solutions of "deep thought". Its funny because people say they can't do that, but a friend once proved to me everyone does, just not as deep as I do.

When you wake in the morning its 5 minutes till the alarm goes off, and you lay your head down and tell yourself I'll just put my head down for a bit. You think about one thing or another but then you come to realize, "OH No, my alarm did not go off I must have been here for 30 minutes." You raise your head to look at the clock and the alarm just goes off, 5 minutes have only past.

Well, this is a light form of my nights. I don't know how old I am anymore, lol. I tried counting a few times, and well, had to set a mental form of a clock, and well, it went past 24 hours when I woke up to check the time an hour after I fell asleep. I haven't come across another that sleeps this way.

I've only lost consciousness twice in my life, coming to it was well, alarming. Once I got pistol wiped, long story. The other I was drugged (medically, not party), another long story. None the less, These moments felt completely filled with anxiety. I don't think I could lose awareness every night. I'm surprised on how often others do it quite frankly.

My main goal with this is to see if another has this same life style. Tons of things to compare, thoughts I cannot really talk about in an open environment like this.

~Completion of Nurse Story~
I asked a few times what dream meant, and to "say it another way".
She basically said stop thinking about things and live like they are in a TV story.
My reply to the Nurse was, "PEOPLE DO THAT? WHY?"
She basically just asked, and said never-mind.
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