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TOPIC: Autistic

Autistic 3 years 8 months ago #1615

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In addition to being aphantasiac, I'm autistic. (And dyspraxic, dysgraphic, insert alphabet soup that tends to go along with autism here.)
The face-blindness I think may actually be related to the aphantasia, but the rest I suspect aren't all that related except in that they are all things going on in my brain.
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Autistic 3 years 8 months ago #1619

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Welcome to the aphantasiac autistic club Alyssa, there are a few others who are on the spectrum and have aphantasia, also have a hyperphantasiac woman on the spectrum who has visited us and shared her experience and thoughts as well.

The big problem with the autism spectrum these days is so many factor obfuscate the underlying issues, be it things like how we manipulate sensory information in our heads to co-morbidity of things such as mental illness, which may not be linked to autism as much as a shared life experience of being "different" than the dominant social paradigm and thus tend to deal with issues of ostracism, being non-invested in societal rituals (though they point out our "ritualized" behavior as a diagnostic criteria), and for many chronic bullying.

We need more advances like this along with more education for society writ large to begin to actually perceive things accurately. Any bit of progress is a beneficial at least!
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