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TOPIC: My experience with Aphantasia and being a pianist.

My experience with Aphantasia and being a pianist. 2 years 1 month ago #5234

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I noticed that a lot of us that are have total sensory aphantasia (or whatever the name is, can't remember) have struggles being creative or using your creative side, I just wanted to share my experiences of being a decent pianist and using my creative side in everyday as a part of my education in classical music.

I guess I'll just start, so here we gooooooooo!
I have been playing the piano for three years and I am considered a natural talent by my peers (although I don't consider myself in this way at all :P Im your average joe at the piano, plonking away at Mozart) as I am playing as if I have been playing for 14 years when I started only three years ago. I learn fast, have limber fingers and I just generally am good at identifying patterns in sound. I am also quite good at reading sheet music (not to brag or anything).

As a pianist, I don't have much need for visualizing things in my head, but I believe it actually has helped me that I can't see things in my mind. When I play, I close my eyes and as every other pianist in the school has to focus not to get distracted while playing, all I see is darkness. Only seeing the colour black helps me focus on where I am going without looking at the sheet music, as I identify where I am based on what I am playing and what was played last, therefore knowing what I need to play next.

I can't visualize anything in my head, but my memory is acute when it comes to music, which is a benefit. I believe that not being able to see images in my head is a part of that, as it probably has led to me being able to focus beyond my ADHD and actually be able to play for hours and hours on end. Anyway, not to babble onwards forever I'm going to stop myself there. That's me, just wanted to share :)
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