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TOPIC: I'm like a universal translator...

I'm like a universal translator... 2 years 1 month ago #5210

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So like a lot of folks here, I am a total sensory aphantasiac.

And I always scored top of my class in every subject without having to study.

I've a Molecular Biology degree from an Ivy League, an MBA, an enjoyed a fabulous career in the biotech world.

I've always been in awe and jealous of creatives, as I am not, and will never be a creator.

However my gift, is that I was the universal translator for the brilliant, intellectual, and gifted folks around me.

I could talk with the wet lab guys, understand what they were doing and their needs, translate that to the firmware engineers, translate the hardware guys, the software guys, Upper manegement, The Nobel prize winning clients, etc. etc. you get the picture (LOL pun intended).

There was no concept, no need, no technology or silos that I could not breakdown into their basic concepts, and communicate to others in "their language ".

It was an incredibly rewarding career, and My running joke was that I chose a career where I would never actually "see", the physical manifestations of what I was working with....

Little did I realize, that maybe it was a great career path for that reason, the aphantasia giving me the advantage of succeeding in life.
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I'm like a universal translator... 1 year 11 months ago #39257

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Thanks for sharing. Universal translator, that is what I often feel I am as well!

I also have had many years in my life, career and otherwise, in which the red thread was listening/talking to individuals who could not fathom talking to or understanding specific other individuals. Somehow I was able to help them realize what their misunderstandings were and help sweep those away. Sometimes this has been wonderful, sometimes horribly exhausting.

I now have begun to believe that many of others' misunderstandings may stem from unconsciously creating inner pictures to go with the words they hear from others. Each person's inner pictures are then possibly 'flawed' leading them sometimes closer, but sometimes MUCH further away from understanding each other. I have no inner pictures, so I can 'cut through' the misunderstandings by really focusing on the words/message, body language, etc. Others are often amazed that they actually CAN understand each other more than they had thought possible, they had chalked it up as being a waste of time to keep trying. I used to believe everyone could just try more or at least more efficiently, but maybe their minds are circling round and round wirh conflicting pictures - maybe it really is extremely difficult for them to sort it all out and they give up. I have less to sort out, so I am free of that kind of stuff, therefore it seems quick and easy to me...
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