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TOPIC: Aphantasia through dreams

Aphantasia through dreams 2 years 3 months ago #4970

  • ProuncingDaisy
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Hey, new to the page. I recently discovered I had Aphantasia while looking for help on reddit because of the manner in which I dream. I always knew my dreams were different because I knew they weren't real, they're not images but more so like concepts? Very hard to describe.

After reading up on it, so much makes sense. I've always been creative, an artist as well as into science fiction. I can only draw duplications of what I see. I've never been able to come up with pictures in my head. Interestingly enough I really enjoy reading however watching movies and TV has always been a challenge to keep my interest. I think this stems from it being so difficult for me to recall those images. Many times I'll rewatch something and I won't remember it until I see it again.

I can't create images or sensations in my head and therefore sometimes I feel heartless. I can completely forget about people and things if there isn't a constant visual reminder of them. I'm majorly a visual learner and have to see things to understand because I can't visualize them when being described to me.

Another interesting and curious fact is that I am an empath with exceptional energy (so I'm told) but am unable to meditate to really try and feel that energy or understand how to harness it. Just curious if anyone else has any experience blending the metaphysical world with having Aphantasia?
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Aphantasia through dreams 2 years 3 months ago #5004

  • Mabexlee324
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I am also an empath and have been told that I'm an indigo child. With my experience of meditation, which is off and on (I wish I could do it more consitantly), I have been able to see two colors which are green(this one shows up more frequently) and blue (I have to be in a very deep meditative state). It was very hard to start, but once I did I find myself wanting to meditate all the time. I have also felt my own energy. Do you ever take a deep breathe and l blow it all out? Well that is meditation. When you come back to your breath, you are in the present state. Your thoughts might show up, but think of them as clouds passing in the sky. Why do you feel you are unable to meditate?
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Aphantasia through dreams 2 years 3 months ago #5033

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Welcome, ProuncingDaisy!

I also have read voraciously throughout my life and don't really care much about films or TV UNLESS they are heavily artistic, philosophical, etc. They must have substance for my mind! I like to watch at home, where I can pause, think, go back, watch parts again, etc. I also can't remember if I have watched a (not so great) film, so I can watch it again and not feel like I am wasting time, heh.

That being said, nobody in my family really wants to watch films on TV with me because I constantly need ro pause or interrupt to ask questions (like, wait a minute, wasn't he the guy who... or, but, I thought she was... ) attempting to place the characters and folliw the plot. Others get irritated by this, duh, and I feel terrible for ruining things. (Half the time they don't know the answer either and I just BELIEVED I missed something.)

Remembering who is who is especially hard for me when characters look slightly similar. I usually can place them better because of their voices. If, to be polite, I stop questioning things, then I lose a lot of the plot and then just sort of zone out, pretending I am following and having a nice time, oops. I have a yearning to share good times with family, but it ends up being a lot better for everyone if we watch the same film separately and then have fun with discussions about it later.
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