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TOPIC: The artist in me

The artist in me 1 year 3 months ago #39948

Wow, just wow. So I saw the popular article on facebook and thought it was one of those joke things you see sometimes. But the more I read it I was like,' wait, what? That's a real thing??? People can actually SEE things in their head?? eyes closed????' That is so unfair! I am an artists, never really gotten to take art classes but something even my mother has noticed, doing things from memory they usually come out weird. Like drawing an elephant and his butt ends up too big or something. but I can work off of a physical photograph and it looks like an exact copy.
When people say to picture something in your head I always thought it just ment to think about them, they are getting ready to ask you for facts. Someone on here posted about how they were trying to bring the image of a loved ones face to mind. I always thought that odd, because I know what my mothers face looks like. She has 2 eyes and high cheek bones, 2 dimples and a narrow chin, but I cant see it.
My goodness wouldn't that be so much fun to be able to play in your minds eye like that? I would have an entire paint palette in there so I could try out my ideas first before using art supplies on it.
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The artist in me 1 year 3 months ago #39954

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I enjoy art myself, and the idea of being able to work from ACTUAL images in my mind...no longer blows my mind, but really makes me jealous of missing that aspect of the human experience.
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