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TOPIC: frustration finally can be explained

frustration finally can be explained 1 year 4 months ago #39807

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i'm 19 and i dropped out of school, i had so much trouble in school my best subject was media visual communication and art, which is pretty surprising to me considering i couldn't visualize what i was supposed to be doing kinda just scribbling until a shape appeared and went from there or having a detailed "client description" but once i started i was good the issue was my teacher would always be like " you could be better if you just used your imagination" i tried to explain i couldn't that i don't see pictures at all in my head my mind, my memories, are just like an audio book playing in my head but not a good one as i have some sort of disability (learning disability like dyslexia) so the words are in the wrong order. i failed the only subject you need to get into the university course i needed, English, i failed due to my then un-diagnosed learning issues and my lack of (directly from my teacher) "ability to imagine and explain" so year 11 finished and i left i went to councilors and psychologist and couldn't explain what i meant. 3 years and a new baby later my little sister asks me if i know what anphantasia is because herself and my mother have it ( i don't see them often i live 3 hours drive away). so i google as fast as i can and its like this sudden relief that its not just me that cant see that i wasn't the only on,e that i wasn't broken, my sister and me both cant visualize at all but my mother can see vague flashes once every now and then, now i know what is happening i am actually going back to school university believe it or not for bachelor of design with the understanding that ill need a more detailed design brief on each subject, my aim of doing this is to bring awareness to aphantasia and that we can still be creative just in a different way of thinking or with a bit of extra description
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