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TOPIC: Finally an explanation

Finally an explanation 2 weeks 5 days ago #39442

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Hi everyone.
I'm 48 and have had total aphantasia for my entire life. I ran into the name a year or so ago on some news website or another that ran an article.

I can't explain the sense of relief to find out I wasn't alone. I had always thought I'd suffered some kind of head trauma as a little kid and my lack of any kind of visualisation etc was the result of brain damage. 1/50, it can't be that. Which was, as I said, a relief in many ways.

I think one of the hardest things is trying to explain it to others. My wife is fine with it, but she accepts the fact I've always been a little different (marriage won't work otherwise). Best explanation I came up with was telling people to think about 2 cars, one with a petrol engine and one with an electric engine. Both are cars. Both have engines. Both do car stuff. But the way the two engines operates is vastly different from each other. I don't lack the ability to think, I don't lack an imagination. But I think in some ways the english language doesn't have words to describe what I want to describe.

And now I've found a community of like minded people. It's nice to meet you all.

I do have a gift for things like mathematics, science and IT and am in no way religious (I just can't accept it according to science). Would love to know if this is somehow related to aphantasia or it's just me. There's so many unanswered questions bouncing around my head and have been for many years. Looking forward to discussing some of these with you all.


(please excuse the obscure nickname. I'm not permitted to post anything that will identify my wife - her rules).

{edit} - I should add I've always been aware that my mind operated on different principles, since my mid teens. I've never hid it, but never understood it. Was more than happy to admit it to others who had a much harder time dealing with it than I did.
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Finally an explanation 2 weeks 4 days ago #39446

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In reply, to what I can remember- I have not been able to find any religious group I feel comfortable with. Mt mind goes but what about, this, and this, and this. Commercials drive me crazy "how does the guy not know the car has the ability to open the hatch with a flip of the foot, but he knows where the button is to shut it?" I got thrown out of many churches for asking questions.
I am not good in science (when I went to school girls didn't do science. I am deficient in math, went to a church school that didn't care about anything but bible verses and religious memorization. When we moved to a different state and they were doing 'new math' I never caught up. I was a chasier for many years and if it has to do with making change I'm good.
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