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TOPIC: Connecting with people and the struggle of our partners

Connecting with people and the struggle of our partners 1 year 10 months ago #39302

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I've often wondered if aphantasia plays a part in my connection with close family and friends. Without the shared memories, do we not form as deep a connection with the people in our lives? I know that loving someone like us is hard... Those moments when your partner says " do you remember when..." And we have to say yet again, "not really or just No". My wife often gets her feelings hurt thinking that I don't care. And I think it's confusing for her because sometimes I do remember things but the memory is almost always tired with something physical ie where we were sitting in the living room when we talked about something but then I can't remember much of what we did on our last vacation is last weekend for that matter.

I think I've rambled. Just curious how marriages and close relationships are impacted.

Also, does anyone know if there is any correlation to aphantasia and the risk of developing dementia? Are we more at risk since our memories already suck?
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Connecting with people and the struggle of our partners 1 year 10 months ago #39306

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For myself, it is not that my memory sucks, it is that I have no visual memories. If my wife asks me "do you remember...?" I will either remember it or not, but it has to do with recall rather than storage. If the question is correctly presented, it most often will trigger my memory accurately. My memories often have a spatial and physical aspect, like there is a 3d model behind a curtain, I can feel the spatial relationships of elements, but visually there is still just darkness.

as for dementia, I read yesterday a description that indicated that dementia is not a like the memory files are corrupted, but rather that the whole hard drive operation becomes more severely degraded over time. the article made reference to patients with english as a second language that might start a sentence in english and end in their first language. this seems to indicate that their memories are still there, evidenced by the fluent transition between languages, and that the brain is just malfunctioning on other operating levels. I dont have sources sorry.
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