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TOPIC: I can visualize 2D images but not 3D.

I can visualize 2D images but not 3D. 1 year 11 months ago #4256

I've been doing all sorts of self tests lately and I've noticed a pattern. When trying to visualize my sister's face, I only see the face of a picture that I have on the mantle of me and her. Trying to see her in any other context causes any slight visualization of her in my mind to disappear. Same thing happens with my car, I see the picture of my car that was online when I first bought it and can't see anything when I try to imagine me standing next to it.

Then I decided to try and visualize Spongebob. Surprisingly, I could see him clear as day in my mind's eye. I can recall every cartoon character perfectly and it's really interesting that I can't transition. I tried it on 3D animation (i.e. Toy Story) and could get a faint image but it felt like when I was visualizing photographs. I've always been drawn (heh) to cartoons and was quite the cartoonist in my younger days. I can remember quotes from cartoons way better than I can in live action shows or movies. Either way there is a barrier between 3D and 2D for me when it comes to aphantasia. What are talks thoughts on this?
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I can visualize 2D images but not 3D. 1 year 5 months ago #4972

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I have a similar story. I have aphantasia and the condition also causes me to have some degree of face blindness. I have trouble remembering the faces of people I have met only once or twice, unless I've seen a photograph of them. Then it becomes very easy to remember their face. My theory is that it's because the picture is 2D, and my mind is able to recall 2D better than 3D. And like you, when I try to recall their face in my mind, I think of 2D versions of their face based on pictures of them I have seen, and not their actual face that I have seen in person.

I'm in a profession where I need to network and meet a lot of people, so Facebook and LinkedIn have been so incredibly valuable to me when making new connections. I'll look people up online to help me remember their face, so I don't accidentally re-introduce myself to the same person again.
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I can visualize 2D images but not 3D. 1 year 4 months ago #5030

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I like the idea that recall is simply much easier in 2D. Very interesting.
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