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TOPIC: People smiling are beautiful!

People smiling are beautiful! 2 years 9 months ago #4146

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Hi everyone!

I have been thinking a lot about how everything works in my mind, and how the "lack" of visual images in my mind can make me do things differently from someone that can visualize.

When I meet someone, or even when I see someone either for a few minutes, or a few times during the day, I have some memory of them, but it is intimately linked to their actions, and their actions determine entirely how I would after describe them in a "range of beauty". Because I can't imagine them in my mind, they cannot be compared to anyone/anything else. So in my mind, the ranges are more like "oh, he was very nice and kind" = higher beauty "grade", "she was angry" = low beauty grade.

To come to smiling, it is the first thing I see in person doing it, and it therefore boost them up entirely in my "beauty estime". An example: I meet a girl that is smiling and seems very happy, but I don't make the effort to judge her physicality. A few minutes/hours/days after, a friend asks me if she is attractive, my response is probably going to be yes, despite the fact that if I could see her picture I could tell you that I am not attracted at all because she is not my type or other X reasons.

So, to sum it up, to me, someone smiling immediately "feels" attractive, despite my not having "judged" (I don't mean it badly, more like "observed") their physicality.
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People smiling are beautiful! 2 years 9 months ago #4177

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Yes, I agree! I can also remember the way people act/smile, but I can't see it - I've been calling this 'vibe' but I'm not sure that's the right word. I can tell usually whether someone is conventionally beautiful, but it won't really have an impact on me unless they have a nice expression, and then it's the expression I remember. I was wondering if this is a bit related to imagining our own expressions? We know what smiling would feel like physically and emotionally, and we sort of mirror it out. Wild speculation of course.
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