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TOPIC: Visual vs non visual memory.

Visual vs non visual memory. 1 year 4 months ago #39846

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I have always been told, and also think myself, that I have a very good memory. I can remember small details of conversations that happened years ago. People are absolutely amazed by my ability to do this and occasionally will say I’m wrong because they really don’t believe it actually happened that way because it makes them look bad or something, but I’m always 100% sure of what I heard. I’m assuming my memory is also part of why I have done so well in most academics despite not being to visualize.

Obviously I have no visual memories, but I am wondering if my non verbal or audio memory is so good because it has had to compensate for not visualizing? Has anyone else experienced this? What do you guys think?
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Visual vs non visual memory. 1 year 3 months ago #39880

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it sounds like your memory operates excellently. Your recall is well developed and tailored to pulling up verbal descriptions. My guess is that many aphants have the physical hardware to use mental imagery, we simply haven't "noticed" it or "tuned in."
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Visual vs non visual memory. 10 months 2 weeks ago #40125

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I think....that we recall memories in at least two different ways...we recall memories by thinking predominantly either in images or in words (as well as sounds and smells and touch, but in my experience if you don't have imagery, your other sensory memories are likely to be dulled or non-existant).

My memories for events are abysmal...but I can remember some conversations as though they were yesterday and I think a lot of that has to do with how many times you have rerun the conversation in your head or talked about it with someone else...it doesn't necessarily mean that you've remembered things verbatim as I suspect that as with all memories they may be amended each time they are remembered.

Pretty soon it won't matter anyway as there will be a digital recording of our entire lives to rely on :silly:
Shit - if only I'd known!
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