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TOPIC: I think in patterns

I think in patterns 3 years 8 months ago #1614

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I wrote a whole blog post about how I think in patterns about a year and a half ago, and while I obviously didn't have the word for it yet, I did write about aphantasia there in saying I have no mind's eye. I mentioned some work-arounds that I use for it as well.

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I think in patterns 3 years 8 months ago #1620

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Thanks for sharing the blog post.

I am a pattern thinker as well, though it is mostly verbal (not auditory, I can only hear my own voice so cannot recall things in that way), so I refer to myself as a qualitative pattern thinker, I see the same observations, statements, and themes repeat themselves through subjects such as philosophy, social science, music, the arts, etc. I see people asking the same questions Lao Tzu and Mo Tzu asked for example. Essentially my pattern thinking focuses on human systems, something that can be very hard to express at times, not nearly as crisp and clean as quantitative patterns and statistics. Don't get me wrong, I can perceive other patterns too, I come from a highly music family and can identify those patterns readily, I can play video games and exploit the traps or AI patterns to my advantage, etc.
Just fascinating how different, even those of us on the autism spectrum can be neurologically and personality wise. By way of another example, I am a volunteer autism research assistant which is pretty darn cool as someone on the spectrum, but I encounter a lot of the stereotypes and grossly observable behaviors that create unintentional biases frequently (and thankfully, this research teams listens and appreciates my input on these). On the team, we do psychometrics and many of the spectrum test poorly on verbal IQ but do very well using other forms of cognitive testing, were as I have an extremely high verbal IQ, does not mean I am not on the spectrum as some folks would assume when they evaluate things based on stereotypes, just another bit of neurological difference. I am also not a black and white thinker unless I am under a huge amount of stress, then my brain goes into rigid lock down mode to get by, same with my tendencies towards literalism, I understand metaphor and analogy but my brain goes to literal first and then interprets it, so once again when I am tired or stressed, I will miss that last step and mis-interpret something, it is really fascinating, I do love the human brain haha.
Tone Disclaimer: If you read something I write and feel I am trolling, please read it again and imagine instead you are talking to a teacher or professor. I do not write from a place of self-superiority or ego, I favor dialectical conversations that seek to find underlying causation and truth.
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