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TOPIC: Nemesis

Nemesis 3 years 8 months ago #1259

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In college I always tried to sit as close to the front and center of classrooms as possible. Obviously I got a pretty good look at my professors, day in and day out. My Chemistry professor was a fairly generic -- borderline frumpy looking. I was unable to recognize her outside of the classroom, lab or her office. With no mind's eye, I had no way of recalling how she looked. There was nothing special about her appearance.

I considered the professor to be my nemesis. I had been a 4.0 student and A's came easy for me in all my other classes, but I just couldn't quite grasp the concept of Witchcraft. I even told the professor that she was my nemesis -- the inescapable agent of my academic downfall.

One morning, during my second semester of Chemistry, I arrived for class early and was sitting in a large open area near our classroom studying. The door to the lobby opened and this drop-dead gorgeous woman walked in. Even though I can't recall how people look, certainly I would recall seeing such and alluring creature had I seen her before. I was awestruck as she walked across the lobby. I just couldn't bring myself to look away.

I must have had an even more stupid look on my face than normal as this stunning lady walked directly up to me and asked, "Is something wrong?"

I immediately snapped out of my trance, induced by her beauty, and replied, "No. Nothing's wrong at all. Good morning Carol." It was my Witchcraft professor.

As she lectured that day I wrote down detailed descriptions of everything she had on -- from her shoes to her earrings. I figured that it had to be something about the way she was dressed that had such an affect on me. Eventually the day came when she wore the exact same outfit.

Nothing -- zip -- nada! She was her same old frumpy generic self. It wasn't the outfit. That whole situation puzzles me to this day. I have no idea what caused that phenomena. it only happened that one time.

Perhaps she was a actually a beautiful woman all the time and my feelings towards the subject she taught prevented me from seeing that quality in her. After all, the time she was so smoking hot I had no idea she was my Chemistry professor.

Or perhaps I was seeing her emotions the day she was so stunning, and it was some sort of really great day for her, with her joy radiating from all over her entire body.
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Nemesis 3 years 8 months ago #1265

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sounds like you were reading her energy and emotions they let you see her not the women and her subject but her inner elf
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Nemesis 3 years 8 months ago #1273

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When I took Chemistry in High School, my first quarter I just about failed, the teacher was just tossing massive amounts of data out with the expectation of rote memorization by all, now in her defense I was also have pronounced issues in my personal life. I then transferred schools, the new chemistry teacher was willing to take time to talk, explain, and try different approaches, I went from a D minus grade my first quarter, to A+ for the rest of that year, simply because of a change in pedagogy and investment in me by a teacher. Shows just how powerful teaching to the difference can be.

I am glad to here that your "witchcraft" teacher at least took into consideration your difficulties, a hallmark of good teaching is recognizing those who are trying and struggling versus just assuming that someone is not intelligent or lazy.
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