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TOPIC: Dont Lose It

Dont Lose It 1 year 3 months ago #39910

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I did not know I had this condition for many years and so probably developed strategies which I don't know are strategies.

There are two things I consciously do so that I do not lose things.

The first I call "A place for everything, and everything in it's place". This basically means that anything I own and really don't want to lose gets a home. It gets a place to be put that is unique and consistent. This could be something like the comb I use on the cat or my favorite umbrella, but most especially my keys or wallet. They always get stored in the same place. I put them back absolutely. The umbrella, for example, has a certain place to dry and then immediately another place to stay when it is dry. I mentally think of these objects as having a neighborhood and friends that they visit and talk to, and that cements both the inventory and locations in my memory. If I get a new umbrella I have to introduce it to the vacuum cleaner and other surrounding objects and mentally let go of the old object. This of course is done silently in my internal voice . Still, my family and friends think it's a sign of OCD , but I don't care and I don't lose things.

That first method can break down if someone else moves your stuff. Sometimes my wife will declare a closet too cluttered and insists that it must be reorganized. There are also some objects that others are drawn to and frequently use and don't put back. My second conscious strategy is go get duplicates of items that other people use frequently. Hammers, flashlights, and screwdrivers are often used for a moment and left wherever the activity took place. When these items go missing from their prescribed location I get another and replace it. Of course cost and durability are factors with this strategy. I can usually find one of these items when I want it, and I don't have to constantly tell people not to touch my stuff.

Finally, There are times when I need to set something down and its not where it should be. I have places in every room and corner of the yard and throughout my environment which have and internal story to me of being a transit or parking area. This would be a shelf, or a certain pocket, I always try to set things in one of these "approved" parking spots if I can't set it into it's rightful home. I don't leave it there. If I've been distracted there are a limited number of places I am likely to have placed the item. When I have time I will make a sweep of a room or side of the house and refresh the neighborhood in my head (and open drawers and doors). I check to see if any of my locations are vacant and I check to see if I have forgotten some item in a parking area. I imagine a room to be a village or city inhabited by the things which I want to be able to find. I then immediately do whatever action is necessary to get everything in it's place again.

I am easily distracted, but these strategies keep the distraction from becoming chaos, and also remind me of what I may have been doing before I was distracted.
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Dont Lose It 1 year 3 months ago #39913

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I so relate to this!! I have certain places where objects are parked and several copies of some items so I can always access one, in the event someone take it from its allowed location e.g.chargers, pens, remotes, even body cream.

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