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TOPIC: Brain Exercises - Backup Procedures c/o Brian Chen

Brain Exercises - Backup Procedures c/o Brian Chen 3 years 10 months ago #17

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Thanks Brian for posting this link of the brain exercises, Backup Procedures: www.winwenger.com/isbackup.htm

I tried exercise 2 "After Image" because I can do it alone.

After Image is another way to get inner visual impressions going, as basis for that descriptive flow which leads to further visual mental awarenesses. Stare at a bright light (but nowhere nearly as bright as the sun! — 20-40 watts is more than bright enough) for a half minute, or another part of the room or windows which have strong light/dark contrast. After that, especially when you close eyes, you should have momentary after-images, left-over prints of that light on the retina at back of the eye. You may experience seeing a gloating blob of light or color, perhaps a line or so. Describe that in some detail and continue describing it as that afterimage begins to change color and shape.

My experience is quiet interesting. I stared in the light bulb in my room for a long time. It seems 30 seconds or more. When I close my eyes. I can see the after image of the light bulb like a circle and it has a fill color at first yellow. It then changes color to blue. Also an image appears inside the circle. Once I see a smiley face but only lines much like FB smiley. :) When I see the after image, I just describe what I see.

I read an article regarding Rapid Eye Movement Triggering Imagery in Mind's Eye

I did the same exercise staring in my light bulb. When I closed my eyes and see the after image. I moved my eyes rapidly while closed and the circle change color more frequently and it looked like a rotating ball. When I move my eyes to left or right, the circle will follow. I tried several times moving the circle left, right, up, and down. I thought of colors to change the circle's color. I can't change the color but the color changes on their own so I just describe the colors. Also the circle appears like moving in 3D because it looks sometimes a glowing/rotating effect. After some time playing with the image in my mind. When I open my eyes, I was able to see the circle even when my eyes opened. I was able to move the circle even when my eyes opened but eventually it was gone. I experienced the afterimage change color, change of shape, and glowing of color.

Funny when repeating this exercise, the images inside the circle changes. Sometimes an image of star, fish, dog. The image are more cartoon like and not real life images of dogs.
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Brain Exercises - Backup Procedures c/o Brian Chen 3 years 10 months ago #149

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I have played with bright light after images for years, just for the fun of it, I can keep those around for a decent amount of time just blinking my eyes...should be interesting trying to approach them differently in light of this research. Thanks for sharing.
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Brain Exercises - Backup Procedures c/o Brian Chen 3 years 10 months ago #153

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Interesting. I used to stare at candle flames for hours. I must try all this stuff.
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