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Art? 1 year 17 hours ago #40107

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i came across aphantasia quite recently when i realized some people actually see images when they dream and i was trying to find out if it's common for people to only see staticky images that are typically in b&w like i do. i'm pretty sure i don't have any ability to actually visualize stuff in my head, because i don't feel like i'm actually seeing an image when i try, i just think of the concept.

the thing that stops me from being totally sure i have aphantasia is that i'm an artist, and i draw without a reference photo a lot. i feel like it's possible that because i've been doing art for so long that it might just be knowledge i've gained over time and muscle memory? i've been drawing my entire life, (since i could hold a pencil basically). and i find that i can't really draw stuff that i don't typically draw from memory at all, despite my technical art skills. like i don't draw vehicles, so i couldn't draw one from memory if my life depended on it. i draw people without a reference all the time, but they're made up so i don't have to memorize any facial features. i don't think i could draw a picture of someone i know irl unless i've drawn them before from a reference several times.

(this is some of my art)



so is it possible that i can draw stuff without constantly using a reference just because of experience? and maybe muscle memory? like i feel like i have a concept for a drawing in my head before i start but it's not really an image, it's more like a description, if that makes sense... idk, talking and thinking about this stuff is really complicated and confusing. i haven't seen anyone else have this experience from the skimming i've done around this forum and online, most people say they use quite a lot of references it seems. so yeah... looking for thoughts about this, i guess?
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