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TOPIC: Imagining drawings?

Imagining drawings? 3 years 4 months ago #2333

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Ok, so, I think I might have aphantasia, but there are some problems.
I can imagine things in my head, but they never look realistic. They look like drawings. I'm an artist and if I draw someone, I can imagine their face afterwards, but only as the drawing. And its often still very unclear.
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Imagining drawings? 3 years 4 months ago #2339

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Click this link to Discoverymagazine Story After loosing minds eye, and brain scan
Welcome to the forum.
There seems to be a lot of Aphant's that are Artist, but all do abstract in some way like cartoons, computer graphics.
I call this Architectual as if we are asked to draw a cube we can think 20cmx20cmx20cm and then color, shade it to our liking we are getting feed back as we draw.

But now draw a "life like" picture of Steve Jobs, well you know who he is? Even if he popped into a room for Ten seconds, can you draw a picture of him? it's not about ability it's the short term memory and how much information you can juggle.

I had been pretty good at navigation, but resently I needed to find a location on foreign map of poor quality and compare it with a new google earth by flipping back and forth on different web pages, I had to hold the info, to compare, I did it but the effort was ridiculous.

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Imagining drawings? 2 years 11 months ago #3415

  • tandjball
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I don't see anything if I close my eyes, I don't smell anything if a room or environment has no smell, and I don't feel (as in sense of touch) anything I'm not in physical contact with. Does this mean I have aphantasia?
I just asked my wife, and she said she can 'see a clear imagine in her minds eye if she chooses to' - I had always assumed this was a nonsense turn of phrase, but clearly not!
The thing I can't get my head round is how this inability to see stuff without looking at it is different from memory: I can't see anyone's face if I'm not looking at them, but as soon as I see them, I know who they are and what their name is.
Going by some of the posts I've just been reading, I don't seem to have many of the "usual" traits; I can spell pretty well and use language easily, I can find my way without a map quite easily, and I don't think I'm very artistic! I'm a builder, so I do drawings of room layouts and stuff sometimes, and although I know exactly how an alteration to someone's house will look, I don't actually 'see' it until it's finished.
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