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TOPIC: Memory Palace

Memory Palace 1 year 5 months ago #4887

Constructing a memory palace is a technique that helps people memorize large chunks of information (you can google it for more details if you don't already know what it is). I found out about it a while back after watching an episode of Sherlock. I could never figure out how people did it. After discovering aphantasia was a thing, I now know it's because I can't visualize, and the memory palace technique is all visualization.

I'm laughing really hard right now because it's all such an epiphany.

When I try to memorize something it's always muscle memory/ feeling the motion of each stroke in my head (writing Chinese characters), sounding out words (spelling in English), attaching a story to whatever I need to memorize, etc

What kind of memory devices do you use? Has anyone found out a way to still use the memory palace technique?
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Memory Palace 1 year 5 months ago #4903

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Hi Robotunicorn

I do not think I could do the memory Palace but regrding remembering faces, when I meet somebody I try to think of who they look like on TV. This helps me remember their features better!
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Memory Palace 1 year 2 months ago #5147

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before i discovered my aphantasia, i was struggling to understand how the memory palace technique worked. I felt like you would have to just memorize a list of data such as "open the door, there is a hat rack. a purple hat is on the hook, and a green jacket. in the living room...etc" Which seemed to just be coding the actual data you wanted to memorize with a different tag. Once I learned people could visualize the house and its features, I understood that they could then use the features to trigger the memory of specific data. A picture says a thousand words....

Ive known my wife for over 10 years. I just realized that her phone number was memorized finally...this may be related to the way we have put so much of our longterm memory storage into electronic devices like cellphones. I still remember the first phone number i got from a girl at camp, something like 25 years later...go figure.
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