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TOPIC: How to Get Cheaper AC Credits on Mmocs

How to Get Cheaper AC Credits on Mmocs 6 months 3 weeks ago #40142

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Cheap Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Helix Credits Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has more systems at play than any other entry in the series before it. Ubisoft’s turn to full action RPG means that you have to approach this Ancient Greece-themed adventure differently. From paying attention to gear to skill upgrades to handling the game’s many distractions we’ve learned a lot in our 50 hours with Odyssey. To help you get started off right we’ve put together a beginner’s guide filled with tips that should make your journey across this massive world a bit easier.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey marks the first time you can choose your character. You have two choices: Alexios or Kassandra. In truth it doesn’t matter who you pick so don’t fret over it too much. Both Alexios and Kassandra have the same movesets skill trees dialogue options and storylines. The only difference is the delivery of their lines with Alexios coming off more aggressive while Kassandra is more cunning.

Upgrade Epic/Legendary gear

Gear is separated into four categories: Common Rare Epic and Legendary. Common gear has one engraving buff (a stat boost) Rare gear has two and Epic and Legendary have three stat boosts. For that reason you should always try to have Epic/Legendary gear equipped. It’s also rarely smart to spend your materials on upgrades for gear that falls below the Epic threshold.

Ideally upgrading Legendary gear is always preferable since Legendary gear usually has better boosts and a higher point value than Epic gear of the same level. For instance early on you get a Legendary sword from a key story beat. We used that sword which started off at level 10 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Helix Credits For Sale all the way up to level 30 simply because it was a better option than the other gear we picked up in the ensuing hours.

Engrave weapons and armor

While weapons and armor start off with one to three stat boosts you can add an additional boost by engraving at the blacksmith. Engraving is cheap and doesn’t require many materials but it can make a big difference. For example we were able to add an additional eight percent damage to all Spartan soldiers by engraving an already powerful legendary sword. Since engraving doesn’t require you to spend as much as upgrades if you’re in a pinch it’s not a bad idea to get a bit of a boost if you’re struggling with enemies with your current gear.
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