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TOPIC: Has anyone tried dual-n-back memory training?

Has anyone tried dual-n-back memory training? 11 months 4 weeks ago #39289

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Dual-n-back supposedly improves working memory. The game consists of remembering n back while strings of audio letters, and a 3x3 grid with a cell lighting up each turn. The larger n gets the further back the match is.

Remembering the letters isn't that hard, as I store them in my phonological loop, dropping the last letter off each n + 1. Though, matching the blocks at n=3 is nearly impossible. My eyes just get strained tracking the previous positions. Using positional (N, S, W, E) doesn't really work, as that screws with tracking the letters. (there isn't enough time to rehearse both between new terms being added on) I imagine people that can visualize probably represent grid cells with different colored blocks.

I'm just curious if anyone else has tried out dual-n-back, and if so which strategies are employed?
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Has anyone tried dual-n-back memory training? 11 months 2 weeks ago #39321

  • Teadrinker
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Yes I have tried dual n-back, when it first came on the scene. It is one of many things I have tried to resolve my blind mind.

It is suggested, as you stated to improve working memory... but it is not transferable into real life, as other dual n-back studies suggest.

Your n-back scores will improve if you should do it 20-30 minutes daily for several months. Unfortunately, I found this was incredibly tedious and time consuming .

I used a rude swearing linking/chunking word method, for each letter ( i.e letter S = 5h1*) this made the letters more memorable and I numbered the grid 1-9 and would quickly construct a explicit language sentence, incorporating letter and number block position.
With this technique, I managed to get to level 6-7 and sometimes 8 . According to Dual n back groups; linking and chunking undermines natural dual n-backing and is frowned upon.

On the plus side, I did use dual-n back studies, when I was writing a psychology dissertation.

Anyhow Zerophase, I hope you have some fun with it and see it out for a while and hopefully you should see some improvement in your n-back scores.

All the best, Teadrinker.
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