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TOPIC: Learning and Aphantasia?!

Learning and Aphantasia?! 3 years 9 months ago #1090

Do you think that we lear differently?

How do you learn?
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Learning and Aphantasia?! 3 years 9 months ago #1095

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I doub't that there's a "normal" way of learning. Seems like people I met have extremley different methods to internalise knowledge and skills.

I don't consider my self a visual learner, but images can be very helpfull for learning and even more so for understanding.

Understanding is almost a prerequisite for me to learn something. I'm not unable to memorize data, but I tent do approach new things by figuring out the why, rather than the what.
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Learning and Aphantasia?! 3 years 9 months ago #1216

  • Nathan Buzby
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Oh boy, I could really write a HUGE chunk on the issues associated with one size fits all educational approaches, labeling learning differences as deficit, and a host of other issues within education in general. Might have something to do with it being the highest degree I have attained and my classroom experiences with rote learning and teaching to the test, and I was at a school that tried to not have to cater to that here in the US.

There is so much evidence, and so many educators who know that teaching to the difference is the ideal, but between excessive legislation, a desire to quantify human learning and experience into simple statistics, and the lack of economic investment in both students and high quality educators...what a freaking mess.

Visual learning is a strong means of learning for some, so is contextual learning, some even do very well and prefer rote learning, not to mention kinetic and auditory learners. There are so many different ways the brain prioritizes and utilizes information, that learning cannot be simply dictated and imposed in a one size fits all approach.

Does Aphantasia influence learning? Logically, it has to, does this mean it constitutes a learning disability, nope. Just means that visual learning methods are probably not the best for us. In my brief time in the classroom (bad career choice for a guy on the autism spectrum, but did not know that back then, well at least public schools with large student to teacher ratios and horrendous lighting and poor noise mitigation) one thing I did with my lessons was try three different approaches with the content, visual, classic auditory/lecture (though I made if fun, told jokes, etc), and even kinetic activities/hands on, trying to ensure the different learning types had a fair stab at learning content in a way appropriate for how their brains were wired.
Tone Disclaimer: If you read something I write and feel I am trolling, please read it again and imagine instead you are talking to a teacher or professor. I do not write from a place of self-superiority or ego, I favor dialectical conversations that seek to find underlying causation and truth.
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Learning and Aphantasia?! 3 years 9 months ago #1217

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I overwhelmingly learn best by doing. My reading comprehension is pretty good as well. But illustrations and abstract thought drive me crazy.

As for abstract thought, I have no problem with the ideas of Jesus, Muhammad and Lord Buddha. But God, or anything people tend to label as spiritual is beyond my ability to grasp. Another example was my inability to grasp Chemistry. I used to call it witchcraft, even when speaking with my professor. Absolutely nothing made sense to me. I couldn't grasp the notion of chemical bonds. Without understanding bond everything beyond the Periodic Table was a total bewilderment.

We had a test where we were to sketch out molecules as 3-dimensional structures. When we got the test back the professor circled my answer, and gave me full credit for the sketch. But she drew what appeared to me to be an identical sketch next to mine and said that her sketch represented the proper method. As I couldn't any difference, I went to her office to enquire about it. She couldn't believe that I could not see the difference in the two drawings. Then she broke out the "tinker toys" (whatever they're called) and created a physical structure so I could explore it with touch. Only then did I understand my sketch did not quite work. Touching the structure allowed me to understand.

I still hate witchcraft (Chemistry), but the professor was very nice, patient and understanding. I explained my condition to her and she took that into account when grading my work.
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