Why did I start this website, well for many of us, myself included, we have known we have no mind's eye for many years. We knew we were different, but there was very little on the internet regarding this condition. 


Terms like Non-Imager or Mental Blindness or No Mind's Eye were used in the attempt to find information or support on this issue. However, without a unified name for this condition it was hard to bring together people to find support or answers.


Fortunately Adam Zeman, a professor at the University of Exeter Medical School, revisited the concept of people who cannot visualise. Though his work he coined the term Aphantasia, we now have a term, a name to call our own.


I started this website aphant.asia to bring information together to one place, to create a home, a community for people with Aphantasia. Together we can support each other and new members who are realising they have this condition for the first time and are confused that they are different.


Head to our forum and say Hi, we are on this journey together, and together we will grow.



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Posted: 3 months 3 weeks ago by Possel #40154
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Thomas wrote:
Why did I start this website, well for many of...

The journey starts here

Well, the journey appears to have stopped, doesn't it? It all started so well and yet you, Thomas, do not seem to have been here for ages, judging by the unanswered messages and the spam clogging the forum. Are you also suffering from amnesia?

Well, if you can't be bothered, neither can I.

Posted: 3 years 2 weeks ago by Mtcloud #3512
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Up to now, I thought my lack of memory for visual details was just a function of my ADD. Now I realize how pervasive it all is. To me, it's just another way that my brain is wired differently. Sometimes that is frustrating and sometimes it is what makes me interesting. I am dumbfounded and humbled by having missed this. As a psychologist, I thought I have identified all of my cognitive differences. Also, I do lots of work with hypnosis and use language like "the mind's eye" and asking what they are seeing in trance without ever observing my own inability to do so.
So this is the essential truth: people are lousy observers of themselves. I'm wondering what are the positives about this inability to visualize. I've found that there usually are some. I have noticed that I really enjoy the architecture when I walk in my neighborhood in San Francisco because it always looks fresh and interesting to me.