I've got no mind's eye! I can't visualise in my mind, when I close my eyes it is dark!

What does this all mean?

Before the term aphantasia came into use, often this was referred to as aniconia. The lack of the normal human ability to see things in our mind's eye was only recently given a definitive name, before aphantasia, we were lost in the dark trying to find other people who were the same.


The common terms that were used before aphantasia included

  • aniconia
  • no mind's eye
  • non imager
  • mental blindess

The problem with this was bringing people together, now we are in a position where we can finally develop a community where people may be able to find us and get support through casual searching on a variety of terms as well as searching specifically for aphantasia.


However, to achieve this, we need to share this website, the more links to our community, the more chance there is of someone finding us who feels alone.


So please, take this moment to share our website on facebook, twitter or any where else you can think of!

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In 24 hours, the website has gone from empty to a busy community.

In the first 24 hours, we have had over 200 posts on the forum, over 50 members join the forum.

In the first 12 hours of the website being live we had just under 6500 page views!


Thank you everyone, and keep spreading the word!

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Why did I start this website, well for many of us, myself included, we have known we have no mind's eye for many years. We knew we were different, but there was very little on the internet regarding this condition. 


Terms like Non-Imager or Mental Blindness or No Mind's Eye were used in the attempt to find information or support on this issue. However, without a unified name for this condition it was hard to bring together people to find support or answers.


Fortunately Adam Zeman, a professor at the University of Exeter Medical School, revisited the concept of people who cannot visualise. Though his work he coined the term Aphantasia, we now have a term, a name to call our own.


I started this website aphant.asia to bring information together to one place, to create a home, a community for people with Aphantasia. Together we can support each other and new members who are realising they have this condition for the first time and are confused that they are different.


Head to our forum and say Hi, we are on this journey together, and together we will grow.



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